Opening of a BOOK CLUB room for our students

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Opening of a BOOK CLUB room for our students


A splendid event was held on the 10 February 2015: The opening of a Book Club room that would serve as a home for four student societies, namely the Drama Society, Reading Buddies, Reading on Kindles and the Debating Society.

Present was our principal, Mr K. Isaacs, who captured the moment in pictures and our vice principal, Mr Behardien, who initiated the idea to have a launch event and subsequently pulled all the strings to make it happen.

Some helpful students did the bright and breezy welcome-posters and Mr De Storie made sure a beautiful red-ribbon was cut by Mrs Baradien to officially declare the room open for business. That business will be reading for pleasure thereby changing our lives by allowing us to communicate and share our thoughts a little better with others.

Mrs Williams welcomed the principal, the vice-principal, teachers and students and told them of the road leading to this wonderful event, which was begun two years ago by Mrs Baradien,  who will continue her sterling work reconstructing language usage with many students who find writing and reading a challenge.

Mr De Storie provided the information and enthusiasm for the technology side of reading using our generous donation of Kindles from Amazon. Students are now  able to look-up information and do research using pre-loaded encyclopaedias on the Kindles, not forgetting all the reading matter that can be accessed on these marvellous devices.

Mrs Abubakre told all present the skills one uses and acquires when debating is in operation and that debating is an objective tool used with logic and facts, and how powerful the spoken word can be. S. Adonis and V. Abrahams will be encouraging the senior students to spend their valuable time assisting the junior students to improve their reading and understanding skills of the written word, thereby trying to get many of our students to be on par with each other. We call this, our Buddy-system.

Mrs Lagadien will be helping the students who are interested in furthering their love for drama, by writing scripts, doing skits for functions and making the relevant props.

Lastly, the students had to register for whichever society was of interest to them, namely: the Drama Society, Reading Buddies, reading on kindles or to Debate. We closed the event with some refreshments provided by the office. A hearty thanks to ALL who made this possible.

We have the opportunity to transform, to remake our minds and to give others a rainbow of good feelings when communicating.

V. Abrahams


Mrs Williams (left) and Ms Baradien (right) cut the ribbon officially opening the Book Club


Mrs Williams addressing the Book Club, flanked by Mr Qaba and Mr de Storie. Mrs Lagardien, Mrs Adonis and Ms Abrahams in attendance.


Mr de Storie spoke about the value of technology in developing literacy and encouraged learners to use the resources they had access to.


Mrs Abubakre emphasised how debating develops skills of logic and method in presenting an argument.


 A light sugar rush to celebrate!


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