The Harold Cressy Bursary Fund Committee

Affiliated to the Harold Cressy Alumni Association.

bursary-fundFinancial assistance for needy students dates back to the 1970’s when 50 benefactors anonymously supported an average of 80 students per year with their school uniform requirements. At a later stage the PAST STUDENTS’ BURSARY TRUST was formed, which in 1986 quite naturally evolved into the HAROLD CRESSY BUSARY FUND COMMITTEE, a structure that comprises past students as well as teachers and parents.

THE CONSTITUTION of the HAROLD CRESSY BURSARY FUND COMMITTEE stipulated that “the membership of the Committee shall be restricted to ex-students, current staff and ex-staff members of HCHS.” The function of the Committee is defined as follows in the constitution: “The object of the Committee shall be to award bursaries to current and past students of Harold Cressy High School (HCHS); and to receive and administer all funds which are contributed to the account of the Committee.”

At present the members of the Committee are:

In terms of its constitutional mandate the Committee awards tertiary bursaries, school fee and transport bursaries. The main criteria for awarding bursaries to present and past students of HAROLD CRESSY HIGH SCHOOL are: financial need, application to studies and a commitment to serve. Bursaries are awarded on an annual basis and bursars’ academic progress in monitored.

AN ANNUAL AUDITED FINANCIAL STATEMENT is tabled at the first quarterly meeting of each year. The only items of expenditure are bursary awards; administrative costs are borne by the committee members, some of whom also donate cash for bursary awards.

In the present economic dispensation an increasing number of students need financial assistance to access education, which has unfortunately become a COMMODITY that parents must buy for their children. Disadvantaged families very often depend on bursaries to make it possible for the children to attend secondary and tertiary institutions. We are grateful that our committee has been empowered by generous support to play our part in preventing children from having to abandon their studies because of poverty, Our past students both as CRESSY ALUMNI ASSOCIATION members and also in their privatecapacities have by their sterling endeavours and generosity of spirit made it possible for us to continue our work. We are optimistic that they will continue to support the noble cause of education and that others will follow their good example.

Bank Details:
Harold Cressy High School
Account Standard Bank
Thilbault Square Cape Town
Account No 07 565 947 6
Branch Code: SBZAZAJJ
Treasurer: Waheeda Parker


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