The Harold Cressy “Wall of Honour” Plaque Project

The idea of establishing a ‘Wall of Honour’ as a means of raising funds for the Harold Cressy High School Multi-Purpose Hall Project is the brainchild of Dr Victor Ritchie. He first proposed this at a HCAA event on 2 November 2013 and it has already generated tremendous interest in the Cressy community.

HCHS Wall of HonourHCHS Wall of Honour
Gold, Silver and Bronze
HCHS Wall of Honour
HCHS Wall of Honour
HCHS Wall of Honour
HCHS Wall of Honour


The following is a message from Dr Ritchie to all Cressyites and supporters of HCHS:

Our dream of a Multipurpose Hall at our school is going to become a reality in just over a year’s time and is due entirely to the wonderful way in which the Executive of our Alumni Association is driving the project. However, we want the hall to be a monument – a living monument – to honour and acknowledge the support and contributions of alumni towards the realisation of this dream.

A prominent feature of the hall will be a WALL OF HONOUR which will display the name and exit-year of every alumnus who donates R1 000 (one thousand) or more to our hall-fund, either alone or with 1, 2 or 3 other ex-students.

We are thus appealing to you to contribute generously AND also to do your utmost to influence a similar response from all your fellow Cressyite-friends. Donations in memory and honour of departed alumni will be held in high regard.

All that is needed now is for the 1000’s of Cressy Alumni to actively support the creation of their OWN Living-Monument Hall : a CRESSY- ALUMNI-LIVING-MONUMENT that will be adding a new and exciting dimension to the life of our school.

Our school’s motto, Volenti Nihil Difficile, reminds us that To Those Who Are Willing, Nothing Is Difficult!

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Wall of Honour Plaque Project Co-ordinator
Hashim Nacerodien

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